Scrap Car Buyers Oakville buy scrap cars in Oakville, Milton, Caledon, Toronto and surrounding areas. Learn more about Scrap Car Buyers Oakville.
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Car Disposal Toronto
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We will get you cash for scrap car and tow it to our Salvage Yard. Our well trained staff dipose of your car professionally. You just need to contact us and we will take car of your old car

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Car Wrecking
& Car Removal

If your car is taking you to the auto repair shop more often then may be this the time to get your car removal to the wrecking yard. Please click on the number below and check how may we help you for your old car removal.

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Auto Recycling Oakville
& Retire your car Toronto

We are pioneer in auto recycling in Milton, Oakville, Caledon and Toronto area. You can count on us when you feel like ready to retire your ride. We will tow your retired car to our auto recycling facility and make your money on your retired car.

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Salvage Cars

Salvage Cars

A salvage car means in Canada is a kind of vehicle that has been damaged or deemed a total loss according to auto insurance companies. Some accidental cars are determined and titled as salvage car and those cars are not road worthy. You can count on us and sell your salvage car to us. We pay between $200 and $5,000, it all depends on car model, brand and year. You do not need to worry about making towing arrangements for your damaged car because we have a team of tow truck drivers who are expert in moving damaged cars to our salvage yard.

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Retired cars

Retired Cars

Retired cars mean that car has seen its good days and this is the time to get it retired from driving and send old car to the junkyard. Many old cars look good but they are rusty underneaththey and not safe on the road for you or for other people on the road. If you feel like that you need to retire your car and then let us help you to get rid of your old car and make you some cash on your retired ride.

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Recycle my car

Auto Recycling

If you are thinking to dispose of your car then recycling your car is a best way to save the environment while getting rid of your car. Some cars still have good parts even they are dead and those parts can be recycled. If everybody practice safe for recycling the cars then we can save millions of barrels oil and help to save the environment. We have perfect auto recycling facility and we can bring your car to our yard and recycle it properly.

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Auto Wreckers | Old Car Buyers Oakville

We buy old scrap cars in Oakville, Milton, Caledon and Toronto area. We have our own junkyard located in Mississauga, Ontario and a team of well trained tow truck drivers. We have been established as an old car buyer company since 2005. Please contact us if you have any question regarding selling your old car and one of our staff members will explain you the whole process of removing your old car and how much does your old car worth.

We are waiting to get a phone call from you and strive to help you for your old car removal needs.

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